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Afya-Tek Values


With the generous support from Fondation Botnar, Apotheker in collaboration with D-tree and other partners have designed and deployed a fully integrated digital system “Afya-Tek” linking three health system actors at community level;

  • Community Health Workers (CHW),

  • Accredited Drug Dispensing Outlet (ADDO)

  • Health Facilities (HF).


The Afya-Tek program builds on the gaps and research work previously conducted by Apotheker highlighting the need for improved coordination among health system actors in improving maternal, child and adolescent health outcomes in Kibaha, Tanzania.


The Afya-Tek digital system was co-developed by relevant stakeholders following the perspective of Human Centered Design and built within the OPEN SRP platform as per Government requirements.  strengthen the overall health system.

The Afya-Tek program, one of its kind, brings preventive and curative services closer to communities and explores private-sector engagement and solutions to improve workload of health facility staff and strengthen the overall health system.

With Afya-Tek,  CHWs and ADDOs are empowered with decision support tools embedded into smart phones to allow them assess patient condition, management, referral to health facility, patient tracking and follow up.

The program utilizes real-time data dashboards and analytics to assist decision-makers (Council Health Management Team, CHW supervisors, Pharmacy Council, PO-RALG, Ministry of Health and relevant stakeholders) to monitor indicator progress and intervene as needed.

CHW conducting visit using Afya-tek system
Afya-tek Linkage trinity(CHW,ADDO,Health facility )

Afya-Tek Values

Pathway To Impact

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ADDO supervision
Health facility supervision
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